Important Information: Local Mencap Barnsley 3rd November 2021 – Opening up after Coronavirus (COVID-19) with limited access & activities

Local Mencap Barnsley is an independent charity, affiliated to Royal Mencap by way of a mission to advance equality for people with Learning Disabilities. It is often assumed that we are well resourced due to connection with a national charity, we are in fact a small and completely independent charity and are governed by local people, and raise all our own funds to deliver local projects.

Our role is primarily to provide localised recreation, leisure and social facilities, and activities to recognise achievements and to encourage inclusion and reduce isolation within the community to those with learning disabilities of all ages. We also ensure people with a Learning Disability and their families are listened to, understood and included as equal citizens in Barnsley.

Providing the right support and opportunities to enable individuals and families to achieve a greater quality of life. We are run by a board of 9 trustee’s/committee members including two members representatives with learning disabilities. There are currently two paid members of staff, a full time Business Development Manager, and a Business Development Coordinator and a team of dedicated volunteers. We are a passionate group of people committed to changing the world around anyone with a learning disability.

We are always looking to grow our club by welcoming new members to join our activities.

If you would like to volunteer, have drive, ambition, determination, and would like to improve the lives of anyone with a learning please get in touch with a member of our team.

To pledge your support please go to our donation pages at Local Giving.

Our Vision

To Ensure People with a learning disability and their families are listened to, understood and included as equal citizens with access to support and opportunities that empowers them to lead a fulfilled life.

Our Mission

  • To change societies attitudes towards people with learning disabilities and improve the quality of life of these people and their families
  • Making a difference here and now
  • Improving Health
  • Early intervention
  • Reduce stigma and discrimination
  • Supporting friendships and relationships
  • To empower people
  • Promote equality
  • Provide opportunities within the community
  • Provide access to activities and leisure opportunities

Our Values

  • We are trustworthy and honest. We will do everything within our power to uphold our promises to you
  • We are inclusive. Our aim is to include everyone with a learning disability in everything we do
  • We are positive. We are proud of all we achieve and believe in bringing a better future for all with learning disabilities